Capture the Crown Coaching & Consulting

What I do

I work side by side with all of my students making sure they feel confident in every movement they do!  All routines, whether they are glitz or scholarship, are catered to his/her abilities!

What Group Do You Work With?

I am a part of the Capture the Crown (Pixies) organization.  There are 3 coaches on this team.  Myself, Carmen Crocco and KD Potts.  We work hard to make sure our girls win and have fun doing it.


I charge $75 an hour if I am at a pageant, via Skype or via group sessions less than 3 hours from me.  If I travel over 3 hours, it is $100 per hour.

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What Do You Specialize In?

For my Scholarship girls we work on Formal, Fun Fashion and Interview.  For my Glitz girls we work on beauty, ooc and interview.  Everyone has routines unique to their skills!